Ambassador's Message


I welcome you to the website of Uganda Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Through the avenue of this website, we aim at deepening your understanding of our work and the strategic objectives of  Uganda's foreign policy in Ethiopia, Djibouti and within IGAD, the  African Union, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

The former and late British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, christened Uganda. The Pearl of Africa; and this has since become  a notable brand of the country. Through this website, and
associated links, know more about Uganda and the many opportunities in business including trade, investment and tourism.

In his Africa diaries, Churchill also alluded to Uganda's scenic Beauty, lush country side, incredible biodiversity, magnificent flora and fauna, the charming people, and the\r\n delicious African dishes; all of which have continued to intrigue and delight visitors.

Even more, Uganda has established itself as a regional centre of excellence in education and a popular destination for conferences.
All those over there are invited to take advantage of these attributes.

In the area of multilateralism, you cannot, for example, mention the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) without recognizing the role played by Uganda or mention the re-activation of the East African Community ( a larger trade and investment area) without\r\n recognizing the role played by Uganda. But this is also only part of  the story. Uganda is committed to the establishment of a peaceful,  secure and stable Africa; and Uganda is an ardent believer and player in efforts to transform and integrate the continent.

Therefore come and do business with Uganda in the various areas of opportunity and engagement. If you are a trader, come and trade with Uganda. If you are an investor, come and invest in Uganda.
If you are a tourist, come and visit Uganda. If you are a student, come and study in Uganda. If you are planning a conference, come and hold it in Uganda. If you are a pan-Africanist or an academic or a researcher or other, join us propel Africa Agenda 2063 to realize the aspirations for the Africa We Want.

Thank you/Asante Saana/Shukuran/Merci/Amsegnalew